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Lead Software Engineer

Anywhere (Remote)

As a Lead Software Engineer you will be leading a fast-paced team designing, developing, testing, integrating and supporting technically innovative solutions for our customers. You will leverage your wide range of experiences, developed professional concepts as well as understanding of the industry, customer and company objectives to resolve complex issues in creative ways. This job will start your journey as a leader within the organization.


Perform project analysis and development tasks of increasingly complex nature which may require extensive research and analysis.

Manage a team of developers to deliver high quality and timely solutions.

Make design and technical decisions for application and ensure high performance of the application.

Determining methods and procedures on new tasks, establishing these for the assignment and coordinating activities with other employees while leading a small team and demonstrating a good leadership within the team.

Work in an agile development environment and ensure process/policy compliance as per organizations guidelines.

Collaborate with leaders, business analysts, project managers, IT architects, technical leads and other developers, along with internal and external customers, to understand requirements and develop needs according to business requirements.

Supports code deployments and configuration changes to production and non-production systems, following established procedures.

Be a thought leader, understand the latest trends and capabilities to implement modern and successful solutions.

Mentor software engineers by providing coaching and educational opportunities.

Keep updated on the latest technologies with technology trainings and certifications.


5+ years of experience with a typed language such as Golang, Rust, C#, and Java.

10+ years of experience as a software engineer.

Experience with JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Angular, Svelte and/or React.

Experience in test driven development and writing automated unit test.

Demonstrated experience delivering product features.

Strong understanding of software design/architecture and tradeoffs.

Experience using cloud providers such as AWS, GCP and Azure.

Familiar with pub/sub systems and architectures.

Strong understanding and experience with SQL and NoSQL databases.

Familiarity with containers, micro-services and related ecosystems.

Good understanding of the Software Development Life Cycle.


Out of the box thinker with a passion for doing things right the first time

Should have non-negotiable urge towards 100% automation, and zero-trust policy towards security

Strong urge towards investigation of problems, and ability to conduct independent research

A self-starter, data-driven with excellent analytical & problem-solving ability to conceptualize and drive end-to-end development solutions that provide customer value

Motivation to learn new concepts and proactively develop domain knowledge

Strong decision-making skills; take-charge personality with ability to drive a plan to completion

Smart individual who is readily approachable and is able to work effectively with multisite cross functional teams, having excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal skills