Revamping Shipment Management to Improve Logistics and Optimize Supply Chain



Logixa, established in 2005, is a global player in the transportation and logistics sector, offering comprehensive services such as freight forwarding, supply chain management, and last-mile delivery. The company's expansive operations demanded a robust software solution to seamlessly integrate and optimize their diverse processes.

Product Statement

Logixa, a prominent transportation and logistics company, faced challenges in optimizing their operations, managing a vast fleet, and ensuring timely deliveries. In a bid to enhance efficiency and stay ahead in the competitive industry, Logixa partnered with Nurdsoft, a leading software development company, to develop a bespoke logistics management solution.

Key Services

Real-time Tracking and VisibilityWarehouse ManagementScalability and Adaptability
Shipment Processing and FulfilmentCustomer Experience EnhancementMobile Accessibility

Value Proposition

The implementation of the Nurdsoft solution involved meticulous planning, customization, and seamless integration with Logixa's existing infrastructure. The transition was carefully managed to minimize disruptions in daily operations.

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Visual Design (UI)

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Key features andFunctionality

Shipment Tracking

Shipment Tracking

Gain complete control over your supply chain with real-time tracking of shipments, vehicles, and inventory. Monitor each step of the journey, ensuring transparency and enabling quick interventions if any issues arise.



As your business grows and market dynamics change, the software should be scalable and adaptable to accommodate evolving needs and challenges.



Communication and connectivity for seamless interactions. Simplify regulatory compliance by automating notification processes.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Provide exceptional customer service by offering accurate delivery estimates, real-time tracking, and prompt issue resolution. Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Integration Capabilities

Integration Capabilities

Seamlessly integrate the software with existing systems, such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, to create a unified and efficient workflow.

Mobile View

Mobile View

Access critical logistics information on the go with mobile applications, allowing you to manage and monitor operations from anywhere at any time.


The Logixa-Nurdsoft collaboration stands as a testament to the transformative power of customized logistics management solutions.

By addressing specific challenges and incorporating innovative features, the partnership has not only enhanced Logixa's operational efficiency but also positioned them as a leader in the fiercely competitive transportation and logistics industry.

This success story showcases the value of strategic partnerships and tailored software solutions in navigating the complexities of modern logistics.


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